Hackers Aim at the Real World, Target Prison Locks

Security researchers have raised alarm over the increased ability of hackers to attack real-world stuff. According to the researchers, hacker attacks are no longer limited to the virtual world. They can successfully launch an attack on physical stuff we use every day.

Instead of targeting websites and such other virtue targets, now hackers have shifted focus to power grids, cars and prison security systems.  Prison security camera systems are attractive targets because they have mini-computers within. And given that practically everything is a mini-computer, you can expect these attacks to increase exponentially in the next few years.

prison security systems

prison security systems

Stuxnet computer worm

The computer worm responsible for this scary turn of events is called Stuxnet. The worm is said to have been designed with the aim of attacking and blowing up Iran’s nuclear facilities. Instead, now the worm is threatening many businesses especially because it is said to have the ability to manipulate industrial systems.

By hacking a certain electronic component that most prison security systems use, a hacker could unlock prison doors and free prisoners at the comfort of his home.

Government security experts are particularly concerned and have begun to research the worm and what improvement can be made to prison security systems to make sure inmates do not find their way out of prison before the end of their prison sentence.

Siemens’ Programmable Logic Controller

The hack targets a networking component in Siemens systems referred to as Programmable Logic Controller. A successful hack of prison security systems could throw the prison system into mayhem.

A combination of the vulnerability of the Siemens systems and the faultiness of human behavior could easily lead to the worst prison security systems breach in history.
To deal with this and other emerging threats, persons in charge at prison facilities should make sure that the central computers from which all prison locks are controlled are never connected to the World Wide Web.

Water systems, power grids and cellular networks

Companies responsible for water systems and power grids should be extra careful and on the lookout going into the future. It is quite clear that hackers are trying to find vulnerabilities in these systems knowing that a single successful attack could bring a whole city into a stand still. Cellular networks should also review and upgrade their security systems to safeguard them from Stuxnet and other computer worms that will be developed to target the real world.

Garage Doors NJ – Finding The Right Opener

garage doors nj

There are many types of garage doors NJ residents install on their homes.  Aside from the wide variety of design choices, there are also different types of materials used.   What used to be wooden doors on hinges have morphed in many modern and attractive designs.  The garage doors NJ residents have on their homes will most likely be fitted with an electric powered opener.  While choosing the right NJ garage door may be essential, finding the right opener is just as important; any door that does not open and shut properly is of little use.

Most all garage door openers are powered by ½ HP electric motors, with a few heavier ones requiring ¾ HP; if you are not sure ½ HO will do the job, go for the bigger motor.  But what is more important is the choice of drives for these openers.  Basically there are three: belt, chain and screw drives.  The one still most commonly used is the chain drive garage door opener.  It is the most affordably priced of the three types, although, because of the chain links, they also make the most noise.  Because of this, it is a better choice for those who are willing to put up with the sound it makes, or actually prefer to be warned whenever the NJ garage door opens or closes.

The screw-drive garage door opener is the mid-priced option.  Their advantages include considerably less noise than chain drives.  As these have very few moving parts they require less maintenance and they are so easy to install that homeowners can usually install it themselves.

The most silent, albeit most costly, option is the belt driven garage door openers. They operate in the same way that chain drives do, the only significant difference being the use of belts in place of chains.  If you value peace and quiet, this is the type of drive you need.

Most door opener makers, including members of trade organizations such as the Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association include a lot of safety features.Here is a list of convenience and security features you may want to consider when deciding on a garage door opener:

a)      Remote control and keyless entry pad:  Most doors should come with at least two remotes in addition to a keyless entry keypad control you can mount just outside the garage door.

b)      Rolling security code:  This transmits the open or close command using a set of pre-programmed frequencies.  This prevents the copying of a transmission in order to gain unauthorized access.

c)       Obstruction sensor:  The door should stop closing once an electronic eye detects and obstruction.  This keeps people, pets, and the opener motor safe.

d)      Automatic reverse:  Another safety feature that is meant to protect people and pets is the auto reverse.  If the feature is available, a closing door will reverse direction (open) once it encounters significant resistance – such as someone getting pinched.

e)      Battery backup:  Blackouts will happen and when they do you would still want your garage door to be able to open and close.  An alternative battery power supply makes that possible.

f)       Light:  Some NJ garage door openers have light sockets so you’ll not need to fumble to find the garage light switch.

Choose whichever type of NJ garage door closer you require, but just ensure that it has all the safety features you need.

Trenchless Pipe Repair – What Is It?

commercial trenchless pipe repair cleaning toronto

There used to be a time when repair of buried pipe always involved digging out old pipes, installing new pipe sections, and restoring the damage to the floor, ground or garden.  But advances in pipe repair technology have made it possible to repair pipes without disturbing the ground the pipes are buried in, or digging up a much smaller trench at each end.  Trenchless pipe repair is what it is called, and it is a pipe repair technique more and more people are considering.  Since trenchless pipe repair cost less than pipe replacement, its popularity continues to grow.

There are quite a few methods used in the trenchless repair of pipes, all of them proven reliable.   Among them are:

a)      Pipe bursting is a method where only two small holes were dug on either end of pipe to be replaced.  First the pipe internal surfaces are cleaned, then a winch pulls an expanding head to pull out the old pipe while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe section.  This pipe replacement method can also be used to upgrade the size of the replacement pipe through the use of a larger expanding head.

b)      Sliplining is a method where a smaller diameter pipe is pulled inside a bigger one and then filling the space between the two pipes with grout.  The usual materials used for the slips are HDPE, fibreglass and composite materials.  This method’s main drawback is that it reduces the pipe’s nominal bore.

c)       Thermoformed pipe liners are installed using a winch to pull a folded liner through the pipe to be repaired.  Once in, the pipe is heated and pressurized with steam.  The liner after the liner expands cold pressurized air is introduced so the liner cools snug with the pipe.  Cleaning of the pipe’s internal surfaces is essential to a good fit.

d)      Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining is a trenchless repair method where a flexible lining filled with a thermosetting resin is inserted into the pipe to be repaired.  Hot water or steam used in the inversion process makes the liner adhere to the internal surfaces of the pipe.  Thorough cleaning of the pipe internal surfaces before installing the insert is required.

e)      Epoxy lining is a repair method where pipe internal surfaces is cleaned using shot blasting, dried, and then liquid epoxy is ‘shot’ into the pipe to coat its internal surfaces.

Sometimes pipes may not be damaged, but merely blocked.  In such cases the right course of action is to call try your hand at DIY unclogging.  Manual snaking and the use of drain unclogging chemicals may not always be sufficient.   If you suspect that accumulated scum is causing repeated blocks, it may be time to call on drain cleaning Toronto.   They will have powered snake wires and water jet cleaning equipment that will clean and clear your drains in no time.  You can easily contact good plumbing contractors through organizations such as Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario.

Business and industrial plumbing installations which experience drain problems need to call specialized plumbing contractors who offer commercial drain cleaning Toronto.  They will have heavy duty equipment and technicians trained to use them.

Toronto Condo Property Management On The Advantages Of Renting

leading toronto condo property management

The property rental business is booming as the Toronto condo property management companies know very well.  More and more people are renting homes due to the skyrocketing costs of real property in Canada.  Not many people are aware that there are quite a few benefits that may be derived from renting homes rather than buying one.  That is music to the ears of people working for the leading Toronto condo property management company, and to the Association of Condominium Managers Of Ontario.

So what advantages are there to renting?  Let us enumerate a few of them:

a)       The first advantage is affordability.  Renting an apartment does not require the capital outlay that is a must when you purchase your own home.  This is one of the reasons most people choose to rent anyway – because they do not have sufficient funds to buy their own home, or to even put up the down payment.

b)       Renting does not tie you to a mortgage payment for which you may later find to be prohibitive.  This means you enjoy more financial freedom.  When you cannot afford an apartment, you can move to a more affordable one without much hassle.

c)       Renting means you are not tied to one location.  You are free to make career moves as you please, even ones that require you to live in a different location.  There are many people whose promotions have been hampered by their need to live at the city where they live and own a home.

d)       Maintenance costs are much lower.  Under the laws that govern landlord and tenant relationships, the landlord is responsible for most required maintenance, which property management Toronto arranges.  If you own a home, you would pay for every bit of repair and maintenance required on it.

e)       By merely renting a home, the tenant is not exposed to market influences on real estate prices.  Some people have lost money as a result of economic downturns.

Property management Toronto advises people to consider renting homes.  It is usually more convenient and cost effective than buying a house.

Used BMW Parts Toronto Fit Tight Budgets

used BMW parts  store service center in Toronto

People who own high performance cars are usually thought of as people who have money to burn.  The rationale behind this line of thinking is that they would have to be rich to afford those rides in the first place.  Unfortunately, there are a minority of performance car owners, even BMW owners, who are not that well off.  They made sacrifices in order to be able to afford the ride of their dreams.  Once they have it, they are surprised by the expensive maintenance and more expensive parts required for repairs.

They are left with only a few choices:  come up with the required funds somehow, give up their rides for something more affordable, or find a way to lessen the cost of repairs and maintenance.  For tight budgets used BMW parts Toronto can provide a much more affordable solution.  They are genuine parts which have been used, and usually sold for very low prices as compared to brand new parts.  This may aggravate people at the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association but you are not here to please them – you are trying to find legal ways of saving on car parts.

Some BMW car owners patronize used BMW parts dealers, not because they cannot afford brand new parts, but because they see no sense in spending big money for spares when genuine used parts will do just as well.  These are the more sensible BMW owners who have gone past the stage of pampering their rides in every way imaginable.

Many used BMW parts store Toronto has large selections of used BMW parts in their inventory.  Their stocks may not be as extensive as those kept in the warehouse of BMW service Toronto, but they will have parts for most models.  Some of these used parts stores also sell an even larger selection of aftermarket parts and accessories designed for specific BMW car models, things you will not see at BMW service center in Toronto.

When choosing who to buy your used BMW part from, select a dealer with a reputation to protect, someone who has been in the business for quite some time – they are more likely to deal with you fairly.  And if you can, bring along someone who has the competence to determine whether a used part still works.  Often you will be able to find the part that you need at a used BMW parts store, and for very much less.

Custom Home Builders Mississauga Provide Dining Room Renovation Tips

the best preferred new custom home builders in mississauga

The dining room seems like space that serves only a single purpose – for eating meals at.  That is essentially true, but even so, custom home builders Mississauga see a lot of different options for sprucing up the dining room. We are seeing a lot of ideas as well for the garage of the house as provided by garage doors NJ.

Dining rooms also serve as mini entertainment centers when the homeowners have guests over for lunch, dinner or whatever meal of snack happens to b appropriate for the time and occasion.  Close families also spend extended after lunch or after dinner times at the dinner table.   Having uses other than for taking meals means provides opportunities for varying degrees of upgrades.  Members of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario will only be to glad to help with renovation ideas.

Space is a major consideration.  How much space the dining room occupies limits the amount of improvements you can implement.  The best custom home builders in Mississauga propose that the most important part of the dining room is the dining set.  It is the focal point which all other features are designed to support.  It is something you need to splurge on as a long-term investment.  Its style and size should adequately support current and anticipated future requirements.  It should usually comfortably sit around six people – four places reserved for a couple and two children, and two for the occasional guest or two.  Bigger families can plan for bigger sets.

New home builders Mississauga recommend installation of a mini-bar and enough cabinets to store dinnerware for its occupants and a few guests.  The number and size of cabinets is also determined by need (how many people will regularly use the dining room) and the size of the space.  A china cabinet not only stores dinnerware, it also serves a decorative purpose.


As far as decorations are concerned, there are quite a few ideas you can play with.  If the ceiling is high enough, you can consider adding an ornate chandelier.  Mirrors have a way of giving an illusion of space and a strategically placed one with make a fine dining room accent.  Your preferred new home builder in Mississauga will tell you that tasteful artwork like a Last Supper frame also looks good in a dining room.

The renovation options for dining rooms may not be as much as other parts of the home, but properly done it can make your dining room a happy place for your family and friend to share meals and quality time in.

The dining room by nature is a simple space. Unlike a kitchen or living room, which often has multiple purposes, your dining room is solely about eating and entertaining. Even though you might not use it that frequently, it’s great to have during those big family get-togethers or your child’s over-the-top birthday party. By adding a large table, plenty of chairs and a bar cart, you can easily turn it into an entertaining mecca — with the right party decorations, of course.