Garage Doors NJ – Finding The Right Opener

garage doors nj

There are many types of garage doors NJ residents install on their homes.  Aside from the wide variety of design choices, there are also different types of materials used.   What used to be wooden doors on hinges have morphed in many modern and attractive designs.  The garage doors NJ residents have on their homes will most likely be fitted with an electric powered opener.  While choosing the right NJ garage door may be essential, finding the right opener is just as important; any door that does not open and shut properly is of little use.

Most all garage door openers are powered by ½ HP electric motors, with a few heavier ones requiring ¾ HP; if you are not sure ½ HO will do the job, go for the bigger motor.  But what is more important is the choice of drives for these openers.  Basically there are three: belt, chain and screw drives.  The one still most commonly used is the chain drive garage door opener.  It is the most affordably priced of the three types, although, because of the chain links, they also make the most noise.  Because of this, it is a better choice for those who are willing to put up with the sound it makes, or actually prefer to be warned whenever the NJ garage door opens or closes.

The screw-drive garage door opener is the mid-priced option.  Their advantages include considerably less noise than chain drives.  As these have very few moving parts they require less maintenance and they are so easy to install that homeowners can usually install it themselves.

The most silent, albeit most costly, option is the belt driven garage door openers. They operate in the same way that chain drives do, the only significant difference being the use of belts in place of chains.  If you value peace and quiet, this is the type of drive you need.

Most door opener makers, including members of trade organizations such as the Window and Door Manufacturer’s Association include a lot of safety features.Here is a list of convenience and security features you may want to consider when deciding on a garage door opener:

a)      Remote control and keyless entry pad:  Most doors should come with at least two remotes in addition to a keyless entry keypad control you can mount just outside the garage door.

b)      Rolling security code:  This transmits the open or close command using a set of pre-programmed frequencies.  This prevents the copying of a transmission in order to gain unauthorized access.

c)       Obstruction sensor:  The door should stop closing once an electronic eye detects and obstruction.  This keeps people, pets, and the opener motor safe.

d)      Automatic reverse:  Another safety feature that is meant to protect people and pets is the auto reverse.  If the feature is available, a closing door will reverse direction (open) once it encounters significant resistance – such as someone getting pinched.

e)      Battery backup:  Blackouts will happen and when they do you would still want your garage door to be able to open and close.  An alternative battery power supply makes that possible.

f)       Light:  Some NJ garage door openers have light sockets so you’ll not need to fumble to find the garage light switch.

Choose whichever type of NJ garage door closer you require, but just ensure that it has all the safety features you need.